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Video Slideshows

Looking for a dynamic way to show off your images in your next video or event?  An animated slideshow can be a great way to highlight photos of your corporate team, wedding moments or even your creative portfolio.

Creating a slideshow with transitions and animated text can be very time consuming.  This is where Hub City Productions can help.  Whether you are looking for something modern and clean or something lively and retro, we can help create the perfect slideshow for your style.

There are many different ways to incorporate images into your next video or event.  Some ideas include:

  • Intro and opening to your event, entry way or video
  • Family photos and other albums
  • Photography portfolio
  • Business and pitch slides
  • Portfolios of design and creative work
  • Employee introductions
  • Wedding Photos
  • Fashion, apparel and lifestyle images
  • Travel photos
  • Slideshows for YouTube videos
  • Special gifts
  • Background images during your event
  • Presentations
  • Webpage banners


Your slideshow can be photo’s, videos, documents such as certificates.  There is almost no limit to what can be done! We even have a large library of royalty free music and sound effects we can add if requested.


  • Up to 100 Images in the show – $40.00 
  • Up to 200 Images in the show – $75.00
  • Up to 300 Images in the show – $100.00
  • Up to 400 Images in the show – $150.00
  • Up to 500 Images in the show – $200.00

(For shows larger than 500 images please contact us)

If you have already scanned your images – bring them to us (on a memory stick for example).  If you only have physical copies of your images, bring them to us and we will scan them for you (always good to have a backup) at an additional cost ($1 per photo).  Please number each photo or slide on the back of each photo, (or is sending digitally, number them in the file name).

Final file output is sent to you digitally.  We can provide it on a USB thumb drive at an additional cost.

Please contact us for more information!