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Music Videos


Want to produce a music video?  We can provide a range of service levels, for just about any budget.

As a musician, you should be sharing a consistent stream of videos with fans. You don’t need to do a lot, but by providing new content to your fan base will help you grow and be heard in larger and larger circles.

Think of it this way.  People will see you play and afterwards they’ll search for your music online. Obviously social networks and having a website will help.  But if you give your fans the option, you can be sure they’ll click on a video first, before doing anything else.

You can’t share what isn’t there. Fans see you in-person, and video is the only way to share that live experience with a friend. Getting new people out to shows, or talking about your music with others, requires you to give fans the resources to both discover and share your music.

We can even record your live performances as long you are able to provide an audio out from your mixer.

Music Videos